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"We clean siding"


We do not use a power washer, we physically scrub down your vinyl siding with car brushes for the best kind of clean. Our key ingredient is the elbow grease we put in to each and every job. The best example we can give is when you clean your car, yes a power washer will help to clean, but brushing the car from top to bottom will do a much better job. It also ensures no water is sprayed with pressure into areas it is not supposed to be.  Due to the high psi pressure power washers exert, it can do more damage than good. The only water we use is from your exterior hose tap connection, with an average of 40 - 50 psi. 


Not only can we clean your siding but we also clean the exterior of your eaves troughs, window frames, garage doors, soffits, flashing, and much more. We use an environmentally friendly detergent (no chemicals needed as the real cleaning power comes from physically brushing the area). 


If you have questions about what we can do for your house please give us a call or send us an email. All quotes are free.  


Commercial Clients


We also offer retail storefront and sign cleaning. With a brush we will scrub down all the built up dirt and grime that often covers the exterior of your building. Email and ask us what we can do for you, quotes are always free.


Condo Corporations


We clean low rise condo developments all over the Ottawa and surrounding areas.


Construction Cleans


We will come and clean your development for that final step to make your project look perfect.